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Barlu Kurli Preschool is a designated Aboriginal Preschool and seeks to provide and positive and engaging learning space for children where families are empowered to work in partnership with Preschool educators to ensure their children are set up for success. 

Offers of enrolment will be made in keeping with the department's policy of targeting the most disadvantaged children in the local community.  Priority will be given to Aboriginal children and children whose families experience disadvantage, in particular families experiencing financial hardship and who are unable to access other children's services.

 As per DoE Enrolment policy, Children are eligible to enrol in preschool classes from the beginning of the school year if they turn 4 years of age on or before 31 July in that year. Children in this category are given priority access and up to five days per week enrolment as negotiated between the Preschool and families individually.

In response to our local context, children can attend our preschool classes from their third birthday on a part time and case by case basis. The reason for this ‘early' enrolment is in response to the National ‘Close the Gap' agenda where indigenous children are given priority access to 15 hours of quality early learning programs for two years prior to starting school.

From 2017, our local procedure for enrolment of all ‘new children', including those who have their third birthday, is for them to start from the beginning of the next School Term. In the meantime, pre-enrolment interviews and ‘play and stay' sessions with families can be undertaken to ensure all information is shared as per regulatory requirements, between staff and families, ensuring a positive and successful start to Preschool.

  1. Enrolment requires the following documentation to be provided:
  2. Birth certificate or proof of identity and residency status Identity & residency status
  3. Immunisation documentation as specified by the Australian Government Immunisation Toolkit
  4. proof of residential address
  5. passport or immicard and evidence of visa status for children who are not Australian citizens
  6. low-income health care card if applicable and
  7. copies of any family law or other relevant court orders if applicable.
  8. When enrolling young children with disabilities or special learning needs, the principal will seek support from the Learning and Wellbeing officer in the local Educational Services team.

Download a copy of the Application to Enrol in NSW Government Preschool.