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Teaching at Wilcannia Central School

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Life in Wilcannia

Wilcannia is a small township on the banks of the Darling River, about 200km east of Broken Hill. It is a place steeped in history, having once been an important inland port. Its historic treasures include an old central-lift bridge and rich architecture such as a courthouse, post office, police station, and library built in the late 1800s, all of locally quarried sandstone.

Although remotely situated, Wilcannia does not lack for community services, including a newly redeveloped hospital, a flying doctor service that pays regular visits to the township and a well resourced central school.

Wilcannia Central School

Wilcannia Central School caters for about 110 students from kindergarten to Year 12 (Years 11-12 through distance education). A small staff of about 20, including teachers, executive and office administration personnel, looks after the school and its students.

Teachers who choose to come to Wilcannia are pleasantly surprised by what they find in this small, close-knit community, which despite its isolation has some of the best education facilities and latest classroom technologies, comparable to those of any school in the state. Excellent technological resources include smartboards and computers in almost every classroom, video conferencing facilities, and interaction with neighbouring schools, Menindee and Ivanhoe Central Schools, through the "Wilvandee Project", which provides a distance education Access Program for senior students in all three schools, as well as professional development programs for their teachers.

Incentives, benefits and career opportunities

Teachers at Wilcannia Central, like those of other schools in far west NSW, receive a range of benefits and incentives including a hot climate allowance; an extra week of summer vacation; and a teacher housing subsidy of up to 90 per cent. To view the full range of benefits and incentives available to Wilcannia Central School staff, go to the teach.NSW benefits calculator and enter the school code 3442.

There are many professional development opportunities open to teachers at Wilcannia Central School. Because of its isolation it offers a variety of in-house staff development programs, but teachers could also have the opportunity to attend relevant development seminars in other locations, with travel, food and accommodation expenses paid by the Department.