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Careers and work education

Work Education

Work Education provides an opportunity for students to investigate jobs and careers that they are interested in. The primary focus is preparing students for work placement and seeking supportive employers who can take our students for placements. 

Students are encouraged to think about how their education will benefit their dreams and career goals. Students are assisted to highlight their skills and interests and consider pathways to transition into work, TAFE, Uni or wherever they choose.

Work Experience

Students are provided with a number of opportunities to pursue individualise work experience programs including:

School to Work Excursions

Our annual Secondary excursion to Sydney aims to expand students’ perspective of the world and the role they play in their community. Career pathways are showcased to students in order to provide them with a new perspective of how they can contribute to the world around them. By equipping our students with 21st Century skills and exposing our students to the opportunities available to them, we can assist them to grow into significant, strong and supportive leaders within the community.